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Mountain View

Increasing Affordable Housing Supply:
What can Governments Do?

Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 6 - 8pm


Mountain View

Now Out:
Urban Planning and the Housing Market:
International Perspectives for Policy and Practice

Nicole Gurran and Glen Bramley

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Recent Events
Planning and Inequality after Ferguson:
A Reflection on Policy and Practice
29 June 2017


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Symposium: Disruptive Urbanism?
Implications of the 'Sharing Economy' For cities, Regions, and Urban Policy
TUESDAY, 27 JUNE, 2017

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Global Visitors, Local Homes
5 April 2017

Professor Nicole Gurran shares her research on short-term rental accommodation through online platforms such as Airbnb as part of the Global Visitors, Local Homes roundtable

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Urban Transport Politics
30 March 2017

Dr Crystal Legacy (RMIT) shares her research on the role of urban publics in transport politics. Click here to hear her lecture, followed by a response from Wendy Bacon

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Upcoming Events
Increasing Affordable Housing Supply: What can Governments Do?
Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 6 - 8pm
Professor Ken Gibb (Policy Scotland / University of Glasgow)
Associate Professor Steven Rowley (Curtin University)
Professor Nicole Gurran (University of Sydney)
Professor Bill Randolph (University of New South Wales)

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Airbnb and Cities

A podcast by the researchers from the Urban Housing Lab in The School of Architecture, Design and Planning at The University of Sydney.

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