Professor Nicole Gurran


PhD, University of Sydney; MURP, University of Sydney; BA, University of Sydney; Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, University of Sydney

   +61 2 9351 7729


   G04 - Wilkinson Building
The University of Sydney

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    Professor Gurran’s research focuses on the intersection between urban policy, planning, and the housing system. She has undertaken numerous studies for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and has led a recent Australian Research Council funded project on relationships between urban planning regulation, housing supply, and affordability.

    Her book Australian Urban Land Use Planning, (Sydney University Press, now in its second edition, explains the complex policy and legal frameworks characterising Australia’s state and territorial planning systems in their wider national and international context. Her current research extends this analysis to the housing market, asking how differences in urban policy and planning frameworks influence patterns of new housing production and affordability trends, at local and regional scales. She is also examining the ways in which “property politics” delimit housing policy and planning outcomes.

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